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Quality Control

Fertilizers and insecticides are important inputs in taking maximum production per unit area. In future also, contribution of these inputs will be important in sustainable agriculture. According to F.A.O,50% growth in food production is caused by proper use of inputs. Once, Nobel Prize winner, the great scientist Norman Vorlag has said “if the high yielding variety works as catalyst, use of fertilizer works as fuel power.”

In our country, use of fertilizers has increased 17 times in last 4 decades due to which the production of food grains increased to record 212 metric tonne in 2001-02 and 2003-04.Though there was increase in food grain production, it had adverse effect on soil health. In this reference, quality of fertilizers and insecticides used also affected the soil.

Keeping in view that the quality fertilizer reaches to the farmers, Government of India covered the fertilizers and insecticide chemical under Essential Commodities Act-1955, in which Fertilizer Quality Control Order- 1985 and Insecticides Act- 1968 was made effective for quality control of fertilizers and insecticides respectively. There were some short comings in Fertilizers Quality Control Order. To remove it many amendments were made. Latest amendment was made in 2017, 39 clauses, 5 schedules, 20 forms and 99 chemical fertilizers, 11 bio-fertilizers,7 organic fertilizers,1 non-edible de-oiled cake has been listed and made useful. Along with this, 6 temporary fertilizers and 10 prevalent fertilizers in the state has also been listed. With this, 4 fertilizer mixture and 5 micro-nutrient fertilizer mixture are listed for crops and hydro-climatic conditions in the state by Department of Agriculture.

In the year 1975-76, fertilizer and insecticide control laboratory was sanctioned for analysis of samples of fertilizers and insecticides under state and centrally sponsored scheme. This laboratory is continuously carrying out the job of analysis of fertilizers since September, 1977 and analysis of samples of insecticides since October, 1978.The responsibility of compliance of Fertilizer Control Order-1985 and Insecticide Act-1968.The State government has the authority to control the production, inspection and sale of these inputs. Department of Agriculture of the state makes suitable arrangement for taking samples of fertilizers and insecticides and their analysis in quality control laboratory.

Objective of Laboratory
  • 1. To motivate the manufacturers and traders of fertilizers for production of high quality fertilizers in the state and give support to ensure availability of quality fertilizers to the farmers under the provisions vested in Fertilizer Control Order 1985 and Fertilizer Control (Amendments) order 2017.
  • To motivate the manufacturers of farm protection chemicals for production of high quality farm protection chemicals in the state and give support to ensure availability of quality farm protection chemicals to the farmers under the provisions vested in Insecticides Act 1968, Rules 1971 and Order 1986.

Analysis of Fertilizer

Stage of quality control of fertilizer
There are two sequential stages of quality control of fertilizers:-

  • Collection of samples of fertilizer
  • Analysis of samples

Both these stages are of equal importance. Neither method of analysis can separate it from the fault in taking samples nor can its preparation remove it.