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प्रतिबंधित कीटनाशी रसायन

2. Pesticides Refused Registration

S.No. Name of Pesticides
1. 2,4, 5-T
2. Ammonium Sulphamate
3. Azinphos Ethyl
4. Azinphos Methyl
5. Binapacryl
6. Calcium Arsenate
7. Carbophenothion
8. Chinomethionate (Morestan)
9. Dicrotophos
10. EPN
11. Fentin Acetate
12. Fentin Hydroxide
13. Lead Arsenate
14. Leptophos (Phosvel)
15. Mephosfolan
16. Mevinphos (Phosdrin)
17. Thiodemeton / Disulfoton
18. Vamidothion

3. Pesticides Restricted For Use In The Country

S.No. Name of Pesticides Details of Restrictions
1. Aluminium Phosphide

The Pest Control Operations with Aluminium Phosphide may be undertaken only by Govt./Govt. undertakings / Govt. Organizations / pest control operators under the strict supervision of Govt. Experts or experts whose expertise is approved by the Plant Protection Advisor to Govt. of India except 1Aluminium Phosphide 15 % 12 g tablet and 2Aluminum Phosphide 6 % tablet.
[RC decision circular F No. 14-11(2)-CIR-II (Vol. II) dated 21-09-1984 and G.S.R. 371(E) dated 20th may 1999]. 1Decision of 282nd RC held on 02-11-2007 and, 2Decision of 326th RC held on 15-02-2012.

The production, marketing and use of Aluminium Phosphide tube packs with a capacity of 10 and 20 tablets of 3 g each of Aluminium Phosphide are banned completely.
(S.O.677 (E) dated 17thJuly, 2001)

2. Captafol

The use of Captafol as foliar spray is banned. Captafol shall be used only as seed dresser.
(S.O.569 (E) dated 25thJuly, 1989)

The manufacture of Captafol 80 % powder for dry seed treatment (DS) is banned for use in the country except manufacture for export.
(S.O.679 (E) dated 17thJuly, 2001)

3. Cypermethrin

Cypermethrin 3 % Smoke Generator, is to be used only through Pest Control Operators and not allowed to be used by the General Public. [Order of Hon,ble High Court of Delhi in WP(C) 10052 of 2009 dated 14-07-2009 and LPA-429/2009 dated 08-09-2009]

4. Dazomet

The use of Dazomet is not permitted on Tea.
(S.O.3006 (E) dated 31st Dec, 2008)

5. Diazinon

Diazinon is banned for use in agriculture except for household use.
(S.O.45 (E) dated 08th Jan, 2008)

6. Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane (DDT)

The use of DDT for the domestic Public Health Programme is restricted up to 10,000 Metric Tonnes per annum, except in case of any major outbreak of epidemic. M/s Hindustan Insecticides Ltd., the sole manufacturer of DDT in the country may manufacture DDT for export to other countries for use in vector control for public health purpose. The export of DDT to Parties and State non-Parties shall be strictly in accordance with the paragraph 2(b) article 3 of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).
(S.O.295 (E) dated 8th March, 2006)

Use of DDT in Agriculture is withdrawn. In very special circumstances warranting the use of DDT for plant protection work, the state or central Govt. may purchase it directly from M/s Hindustan Insecticides Ltd. to be used under expert Governmental supervision.
(S.O.378 (E) dated 26thMay, 1989)

7. Fenitrothion

The use of Fenitrothion is banned in Agriculture except for locust control in scheduled desert area and public health.
(S.O.706 (E) dated 03rdMay, 2007)


8. Fenthion

The use of Fenthion is banned in Agriculture except for locust control, household and public health.
(S.O.46 (E) dated 08th Jan, 2008)

9. Methoxy Ethyl Mercuric Chloride (MEMC)

The use of MEMC is banned completely except for seed treatment of potato and sugarcane.
(S.O.681 (E) dated 17thJuly, 2001)


10. Methyl Bromide

Methyl Bromide may be used only by Govt./Govt. undertakings/Govt. Organizations / Pest control operators under the strict supervision of Govt. Experts or Experts whose expertise is approved by the Plant Protection Advisor to Govt. of India.
[G.S.R.371 (E) dated 20thMay, 1999 and earlier RC decision]

11. Methyl Parathion

Methyl Parathion 50 % EC and 2% DP formulations are banned for use on fruits and vegetables.
(S.O.680 (E) dated 17thJuly, 2001)

The use of Methyl Parathion is permitted only on those crops approved by the Registration Committee where honeybees are not acting as a pollinators. (S.O.658 (E) dated 04th Sep., 1992.)

12. Monocrotophos

Monocrotophos is banned for use on vegetables.
(S.O.1482 (E) dated 10thOct, 2005)

13. Sodium Cyanide

The use of Sodium Cyanide shall be restricted for Fumigation of Cotton bales under expert supervision approved by the Plant Protection Advisor to Govt. of India.
(S.O.569(E) dated 25thJuly, 1989)