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Farmer Credits Card

Interest Subsidy to the Farmers

Government of India started interest subsidy scheme on crop loan for the farmers in the year 2006-07 in which banks provide crop loan to the farmers at annual interest rate of 7% up to Rs.3.0 lacs. At present, on timely or early payment, 3% additional discount is given to the farmers. So if the farmers repay the loan in time or before scheduled time, he has to pay only interest at the annual rate of 4%ouse.To prevent distress sell and on production of receipt on storage of grains in ware house, the farmer will get the same rate of discount up to 6 months after harvesting as he gets during cropping period ie., interest will be payable at the rate of 4% per annum. This facility will be available to the farmers of Kisan Credit Card holder Small and marginal farmers.

Provide cover under Accidental Insurance Scheme to the farmers

Kisan Credit card holder farmers are provided cover under Accidental Insurance scheme. In case of death of a farmer due to external accident or he becomes victim of permanent/temporarily disability, he will get compensation as per details given below:

1. Death Rs. 50,000
2. Permanent Dis- ability Rs. 50,000
3. Both Organ or both eyes or One organ and one eye Rs. 50,000
4. One organ or one eye Rs. 25,000

For this, insurance for 1 or 3 year is given. Premium payable for 1 year policy is Rs.15 and for 3 year is Rs.45.

Achievement of 2016-17 and target of 2017-18

Achievement of 2016-17
(No. in Lacs)
Name Of Bank Target Distribution Distribution Percentage against target
Cooperative Bank 3.82 3.85 100.79
Commercial Bank 31.18 31.21 100.1
Total 35.00 35.06 200.89

Target of 2017-18

Target fixed for issuance of new Credit card and renewal of old credit card is as follows:

(No. in Lacs)
Name Of Bank New Renewal Total
Cooperative Bank 0.24 7.48 7.72
Commercial Bank 2.76 36.54 39.3
Total 3.00 44.02 47.02