Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Department of agriculture was established in 1875.In the beginning, the work of this department was limited to collection of data and establishment of model farms. In 1880, the department was affiliated with land record department. After passing government of India act 1919, Agriculture department came under the jurisdiction of state government as a result of which independent department of agriculture came into existence on 1st.December, 1919 and it was formally established on 1st may 1920. In the activity of agriculture department, agriculture activities, viz, Crop Cultivation, soil conservation, sugarcane production, Horticulture and colonization were included. After independence, activities relate to sugar cane production was transferred to newly organized Sugar cane department. In this order, agri- marketing was also separated from department of agriculture.

Agriculture department in its present shape is making continuous effort to give pace to activity related to agriculture production with the help of different institution, viz; UP Seed Development Corporation State Seed Certification Institute, UP council of Agriculture Research.