Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production

  • Second and final top dressing of Nitrogen in the early stage of stark formation (after 50-55 days of sowing),30 kg(65 kg urea) per hectare in high yielding variety and 15 kg(33 kg urea) per hectare in fragrant variety.
  • Irrigate as needed to maintain sufficient moisture at the time of stark formation and flowering.
  • Drain out the water from the field to protect from brown rust. Use 1-5 liter per hectare neem oil.


  • Arrangement of drainage of water in case of high rain.
  • Stage of inflorescence and milky stage of grain is very important for irrigation. If there is no rain in last few days or there is deficiency of moisture, irrigation is essential.


  • To get good yield of Milo crop ,if there is no rain or deficiency of moisture, irrigate at the time of .


  • In progressive/hybrid variety of Millet, top dress with remaining half quantity of Nitrogen i.e. 40-55 kg.(87-108 kg. urea) after 25-30 days of sowing.

Split Black Gram/Split Green gram

  • In case of no rain, irrigate to maintain sufficient moisture at the time of budding.
  • Spray Nibauli of 5% or 1.25 liter Quinolphos 25 E.C per hectare to control fruit borer insects who eat grains by boring fruits.

Soya Bean

  • Irrigate at the time of flowering and fruit formation in case of no rain.

Ground Nut

  • Irrigation at the time of pegging and pod formation is essential to maintain sufficient moisture.
  • Spray 2.0 kg. Mancojeb 75%w.p.per hectare or 2.5kg.Gineb of 75% or 3 liter liquid of 27% Girum at an interval of 10 days to control Tikka disease.

Sun Flower

  • Due to early ripening of male part in flower of sun flower, cross pollination takes place through honey bees. Hence, bee keeping in boxes is required in the field or on bunds, production will increase due to more seed formation and honey so produced, will be an additional source of income.

Sugar Cane

  • Spray 2 liter Quinolphos per hectare 25% E.C. or 375 ml Dichlorvas 76% E.C. dissolved in 800-1000 liter water to control Pyrila.
  • Protect Apiricamia Melanoluca, parasite of Pyrila insect in the atmosphere. Its presence will control Pyrila insect.
  • To control Gurudas borer and top borer in sugar cane, spray 1-5 liter Chlorpyrifos 20% E.C. or 2 liter Monochrotophos of 36% dissolved in 800-1000 liter water.


  • Second week of September is best for sowing of Toria.
  • Always use treated seeds for sowing.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • Sow seeds of tomato especially hybrid variety and cabbage in the nursery.
  • Sowing of early variety of cabbage e.g. Pusa hybrid-2, Golden anchor can be done up to 15th September and medium and late variety e.g. Pusa drum head, hybrid quivasto can be sown after 15th September.
  • Planting of 30 days old seedlings of Shimla mirch should be done at the distance of 50-60x40 cm.
  • Planting of cabbage can be started in last week of September.
  • Whole month is suitable for planting of mid ripening variety of Cauliflower group e.g. Improved Japanese, Pusa Deepali, and Pusa Kartik.
  • Sowing of Asian variety of turnip e.g. Japanese white, Pusa Chetaki, Hisar Muli number 1, kalyanpur-1 can be started in this month.
  • Early variety of Methi can be sown from 15th September.25-30 kg. Seed per hectare will be required.
  • At the end of rainy season, sowing can be started species of Coriander e.g. pant haritima, Azad Dhania-1 for green leaves.
  • For early sowing of potato, Kufari Ashoka, Kufari Chandramukhi variety is good. The sowing of this variety can be started from 25th September.


  • Spray 1 gm.50% soluble powder of Carbandagim for leaf infection or 3 gm. soluble powder of Copper ox chloride 50% dissolved in one liter water in mango.
  • Spray 3gm.copperoxy chloride dissolved in one liter water to control insects of fruit rot.
  • Put 55 gm. Urea 50cm.away from the banana plant in the circle and mix by hoeing.

Flowers and other Fragrant Plants

  • Cut and sale of spikes of Rajnigandha.
  • For preparation of planting of Gladiolus, mix in the field 10 kg.compost,200 gm. single super phosphate and 200 gm. Murrette of Potash before 15 days of planting.

Animal Husbandry / Dairy Development

  • Vaccination of Foot and Mouth disease and Black Quarter (B.Q.).Wounds of this disease affected animals should be cleaned with Potassium per magnate.
  • Allow newly born calf to drink colostrums.
  • Get the milk examined for Mastitis.


  • Power of pila should be kept for availability of calcium.
  • Deworming of egg lairs.
  • Ensure availability of light for 14-16 hours.
  • Turn the beds up and down.