Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production

  • Spray 75 gm. Agrimycin or 15 gm. Streptocyclin and 500 gm. Copper oxy chloride dissolved in 500 liter water to control Jhulsa disease in paddy in which point and edges of the leaves starts drying.
  • Allow Trychograma parasite in the field to control shoot borer insects which causes dry stark , also known as white stark at an interval of 8-10 days. Spray 1.5 liter Chloropyriphos 20 E.C. dissolved in 600 liter water per hectare.
  • Spray 25-30 kg. Malathion powder 5% per hectare at the time of inflorescence to control Gandhi bug in which insect sucks the juice from the developing grain during milky stage causing incomplete/partially filled or chaffy grains.
  • Harvest early crop.

Split Yellow Gram

  • Spray 800 ml. Monochrotophos 36 E.C. dissolved in 500-600 liter water twice at an interval of 15-20 days to control fruit borer insect in early crop of Split Yellow gram.

Ground Nut

  • Irrigate at the time of pod formation.

Winter Maize

  • In case of sufficient irrigation facility, start sowing of maize in the end of October.

Winter Sugar Cane

  • First week of October is suitable for sowing.
  • In case of pure crop sow in 75-90 cm. and in case of mixed crop with potato, Lahi or Masoor in 90 cm.
  • Sow after seed treatment. 25 quintal pieces of sugarcane can be treated by dipping in 250 gm. Ariton or 500 gm. Aglol dissolved in 100 liter water.


  • Hoeing and weeding within 20 days of sowing and keep 10-15 cm distance between two plants by thinning.


  • First week of this month is best for sowing of Rye.
  • For timely sowing, Varuna, Narendra Rye 8501, Rohini and for late sowing, Arshiwad and vardan are good variety.
  • Thinning after 20 days of sowing to keep distance of 15 cm. between two plants.


  • Sow gram in second fortnight of the month.
  • Pusa 256, Avrodhi, Radhey, K-850, Adhar and Karnal Chana-1 for User land are good variety.
  • Pusa 1003, Chamatkar, Subhra are good variety of Kabuli Chana.


  • Sow pea in second fortnight of the month.
  • Rachn, pants Matar-5, Aparna, malviya matar-15, Sikha and Sapna are good variety.

Bar Seem

  • Sow 25-30 kg. Per hectare Bar seem in the first fortnight of the month mixed with1-2 kg. Rye of fodder.


  • Start sowing of wheat in last week of October in non-irrigated area.
  • For un-irrigated area, Deva K-8027, K-8962 and Gomti are good variety.


  • In un-irrigated area, sowing of barley can be started fro 20th October.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • Sow early variety of Potato such as Kufri Ashoka, Kufri Chandramukhi, Kufri Jawahar by 10th October and medium and late variety such as Kufri badshah, Kufri Satlaj, Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Lalima by 15-25th October.
  • Sow vegetables, pea and garlic.।


  • Do planting of Papaya.
  • Cut the shoots affected by Shoot Gal maker in Amla and burn it.
  • Spray ml. Alfa Naphthalene Acetic Acid dissolved in one liter water to control gumma disease in mango.

Flowers and other Fragrant Plants

  • Plant the bulb of Gladiolus at a distance of 30x20 cm. in 8-10 cm. deep pits after treatment by soaking the bulb in 2 gm. Bavistin dissolved in one liter water for 15 minutes. Before planting, mix 5 gm. Carbafuran per square meter in the field
  • Cutting of rose plant and apply 2gm.Dithane M45 per liter water on the cuts of the plant.

Animal Husbandry / Dairy Development

  • Vaccination of Foot and Mouth disease and Black Quarter (B.Q.) is essential.
  • In the rainy season, animals are affected by worms. Give dewormer.


  • Feed balanced ration in required quantity.
  • Vaccinate the egg lairs to protect from Ranikhet disease.