Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

Crop Production

  • Check before threshing that thresher is working properly and lock of wheat is dry.
  • Before storage of wheat, dry the wheat in strong sunlight so that humidity in the grains is reduced to 8-10%.
  • Before storage, sanitize the bins or warehouse with disinfectant.
  • Lay straw or leaves of Neem on the surface if the grains is to be stored in jute bags and keep bags at a distance of 50 cm from the wall.
  • Irrigate, hoe and remove weeds as need and earth up 15-20 cm. on the plants.
  • To control green insect and caterpillars, spray 250ml Phosphamidon dissolved in 600liter water per hectare.
Split Black Gram/Split Green Gram/Lobia
  • Complete harvesting and threshing of barley, gram, peas, mustard and split green gram.
  • Control leaf borer insect in these crop.
Sugar Cane
  • Irrigate sugar cane sown in winter at an interval of 20 days and weed out when the moisture comes out.
  • To control Agola borer, spray 30 kg Carbafuran powder per hectare in the crop and irrigate. Then spray Monochrotophos 40 E.C., 1.5 liter dissolved in 600 liter water.
Crops of Green Manure
  • Crop of Dhaincha or Sanai is very useful for increasing soil fertility.
  • Crop of green manure can be ploughed in 45-50 days. So sow it keeping in mind the time of planting.
Soil testing and Leveling of Land
  • Soil testing is required to know the deficiency of micro-nutrient.
  • Level the land so that water runs uniformly in the field at the time of irrigation.
Ploughing in summer
  • Ploughing by harrow in summer will be beneficial after harvesting of Rabi crop.
  • Ploughing in summer reduces the number of weeds, harmful insects are destroyed and water retention and absorption capacity of water in land is increased.
  • Nursery of late ripening variety of paddy can be sown in last week of the month. ।

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • Protect ladyfinger/brinjal from fruit borer insects.
  • Use 200-250 quintal compost or 75 quintal nadep compost at the time of preparation of field for ginger and turmeric.


  • Spray 4% solution of potassium sulphate if the problem of citrus canker in lemon arises. Irrigate at suitable time in summers.
  • Maintain enough moisture by irrigation to protect Litchi from lesion. Spray 2% (2 gm/liter water) Cabandagim 50 % w.p. to control fruit.

Flowers and other Scented Plants

  • Irrigate and hoe in rose garden as per need.
  • Third and final top dressing of Mentha by 40-50 kg. Nitrogen.

Animal Husbandry / Dairy Development

  • Protect animal from heat and.
  • Give enough quantity of green fodder to the animals.
  • Arrangement of enough cleans water and baths them in morning and evening.


  • There should be shade providing tree near the poultry farm.
  • Paint the asbestos/tin on the roof to keep hens cool.
  • Sprinkle water on the curtains to maintain cool condition.
  • Increase quantity of protein from 18 to 20% in the ration of poultry. For this, increase the quantity of ground nut cake and fish powder.