Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production

  • Irrigate fifth time after 100-105 days of sowing as per time of sowing in milky stage of grains and sixth and final irrigation after 115-120 days of sowing when the grains develop.
  • Light irrigation this time in wheat (5cm).If the wind is blowing fast, do not irrigate otherwise crop may be uprooted.
  • If the barley is sown late, third and final irrigation should be done after 95-100 days of sowing in the milky stage.
  • When the pod formation starts, insect menace of fruit borer in gram is very high. Spray 25% N.P.V. (H) E.L.250-300 liter dissolved in water for bio-logical control of fruit borer insects.
Sugar Cane
  • Plantation of sugar cane should be completed by 15-20th March.
  • Main variety of medium and late ripening of sugarcane in central and western Uttar Pradesh are Cosa.767,Cosa.802,Cosa.7918, Cosa.8118 and Cosa90269 and in eastern Uttar Pradesh Cosa. 7918, Cosa.767, Cosa.8407, UP 15, UP 12.
  • Early ripening variety of sugarcane in central and western Uttar Pradesh are Cosa.684, Cosa.8436, Cosa.92254, Co. Pant 84211 and in eastern Uttar Pradesh Cos.687 and Cosa.8436 are suitable variety.
  • Between two rows of sugarcane, two rows of Split black gram (Urd) or Split green gram (Moog) or one row of Lady finger can be sown can be sown as mixed crop.
  • For co-cropping with sugar cane, distance between two rows of sugarcane should be kept 90 cm.
  • Complete sowing of sunflower by 15th March.
  • Keep distance between two plants 20 cm. by removing extra plants after 15-20 days of sowing and then irrigate.
Split Black Gram (Urd)/Split Green Gram (Moong)
  • This month is good for spring season sowing of Split Black Gram (Urd)/Split Green Gram (Moong).These crops can be shown after harvesting of Sugar cane, Potato and Rye.
  • Good variety of split black gram are Ta.9,Pant U.19,Pant U.30,Azad-1,Pant U.35 and split green gram are Pant Moong-1,Pant Moong-2,Narendra Moong-1,Ta.44,P.D.M.54,P.D.M.11,Malviya jagriti and Malviya janapriya.
Green Fodder
  • It is good time for sowing of some particular variety of Maize, Lobia and Chari to ensure availability of fodder in summer season.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • Spray 1.0 liter Quinalphos of 25% dissolved in 500-600 liter per hectare to protect Brinjal and Tomato from fruit borer insects.
  • Sow seeds of Brinjal in nursery for rainy season.
  • If the sowing of summer vegetables-Lobia, Lady finger, Chaurai, Bottle Gourd (Lauki), Cucumber, Sweet Melon, Water Melon, Tori, Bitter Gourd (Karela), Ridged Gourd, Kumhada,Tinda,Kakri and Pumpkin is not complete, do it.
  • Irrigate summer vegetables at an interval of 7 days, sown in February and hoe and weed as per requirement. Spray 1 ml Dichlorovas dissolved in 1 liter water to protect from leaf borer insects.
  • Hoe, weed and irrigate Garlic crop.


  • Spray 1.5 ml. per liter Monochrotophos or 80% soluble sulphur 2 gm or Dinocap 48%E.C.10 ml dissolved in water to control Bhunga insect. Spray 10 mg. Borax dissolved in 1 liter water to control black rot or internal rot. All these chemicals can be mixed and sprayed to control the above three diseases.

Flowers and other Scented Plants

  • If the bulb is to be taken from Gladiolus, cut the plant above 15-20 cm. above ground, leave it and irrigate. When the leaves starts turning yellow, stop irrigation.
  • Sow seeds of summer flowers-Portulaca, Xenia, Sunflower, Kochia, Orange, Cosmos, Gromphina, Celosia and Balsam in plots of one meter wide and length as required.
  • Irrigate Mentha at an interval of 10-12 days and first top dress of nitrogen using 40-50 kg per hectare.

Animal Husbandry/ Dairying

  • Clean and paint the animal shed.
  • Increase quantity of feed/ for pregnant animals.
  • Best time of deworming


  • Culling of low egg layer hens.
  • Deworming to control worm in the abdomen.
  • Mix ash and Malathion in equal proportion and rub on the feathers of the hens.