Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production

  • If the nursery of paddy is not prepared in last week of May, complete it by first fortnight of June where as nursery of scented variety is prepared in third week ok June.
  • Mid and late ripening variety of paddy are Swarna,Pant-10,sarju-52,narendra-359 whereas Ta-3,Pusa basmati-1,Hariana basmati are scented variety and Pant hybrid paddy-1 and Narendra hybrid paddy-1 are main hybrid variety.
  • Per hectare seed rate for thin variety is 30 kg, medium 35 kg, thick 40kg and 60kg for User land is sufficient where as 20kg per hectare seed is required for hybrid variety.
  • Spray 20gm urea and 5gm zinc sulphate dissolved in 1 liter water in 10 sq. meter if the khaira disease appears in the nursery.
  • Complete sowing of maize by 25th June. If the irrigation facility is available complete sowing by 15th June.
  • Shaktiman-1,H.Q. P.M. of hybrid maize, Tarun, Navin. Kanchan, Sweta of Sankul and Jaunpuri white and Meerut yellow are indigenous variety.
Split Yellow Gram (Arhar)
  • In irrigated condition Arhar should be sown in first week of June otherwise, in case of lack of irrigation, sow when the rain starts.
  • Prabhat and U.P.A.S-120 are early ripening variety and Bahar , Narendra Arhar-1 & Malviya Arhar-15 are late ripening variety.
  • 12-15 kg per hectare seed will be required.
  • Sow seed of Arhar treated with Rhyzobium culture at a distance of 60-75x15-20cm.
Sunflower/Split Black Gram/Split Green Gram
  • Complete harvesting and threshing of sunflower and split black gram sown in Jaid and harvesting of pod of split green gram by 20th June
Crops of Green Fodder
  • Sow Milo, Lobia and multi cut chari.In case of no rain fall, sow after paleva.
Ploughing in summer and Bunding.
  • Bund the field properly so that the soil can be retained in the field and it can absorb rain water.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • It is right time of sowing brinjal, chili and early cauliflowers.
  • Irrigate brinjal, tomato and chili crop and weed as per need.
  • It is right time for sowing of ladyfinger. Parbhni Kranti, Azad, Arka, Varsha, Uphar, BRO-5, BRO-6 and IIVR-10 are good variety of ladyfinger.
  • It is right time for sowing of Bottle gourd,Tori, Bitter gourd and Tinda.


  • Mix half of the soil dug out of pit with 30-40kg rotten compost, one kg Neem per pit and fill the pits with it. Fill the pit up to 15-20 cm. high from ground level.
  • It is right time for planting of Banana. Use 3 month old sword shaped, healthy and disease free buds.
  • Time for Grafting of Mango.


  • Irrigate the nursery of popular and old trees at an interval of one week.

Flowers and other Scented Plants

  • Weed out in the garden of Rajnigandha, Rose and Xenia and irrigate as per need.
  • Spray on the leaves Gibralic Acid(G.A.) 50 ml dissolved in one liter water to increase the number of flower per spike and length of spike in the crop of Rajnigandha.
  • Irrigate, hoe and weed as per need in Bela and Lily.
  • Second harvesting of Mentha at the end of the month.

Animal husbandry / Dairy development

  • Protect animal from heat and.
  • Arrangement of enough cleans water and baths.
  • Give medicines for parasites.


  • Protect from heat and sprinkle water on the curtains to maintain cool condition.
  • Ensure availability of clean and fresh water.