Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production

  • Complete the planting of medium and late ripening variety of paddy in first fortnight of this month.
  • Early ripening variety of paddy can be planted up to second fortnight of July.
  • Plant fragrant variety of paddy in the end of this month.
  • If the green manure is to be used, use harrow 3 days before planting and fill the field with water for it’s rotting.
  • Use fertilizer on the basis of soil testing report.
  • Mix 25 kg per hectare Zinc sulphate before planting of paddy but never mixes phosphate fertilizer with Zinc sulphate.
  • Spray 3-4 liter Butachlor 50 E.C. dissolved in 800 liter water within 3-4 days or use 5% granules of Butachlor at the rate of 30-40 kg per hectare for weed control in paddy crop. Use 1.65 liter Anilophos 30 E.C. within 3-4 days of planting.
  • Complete sowing of Milo in the first fortnight of this month.
  • Millet can be sown after 15th July till the end of this month.
Split Black Gram/Split Green Gram/Split Yellow Gram
  • This is the right time for sowing of Split Black Gram/Split Green Gram/Split Yellow Gram.
  • Treat the seed with Rhizobium culture before sowing.
Soya Bean
  • First fortnight of this month is best time for sowing of Soya bean.
  • Treatment of the seed of Soya bean is essential with Rhizobium culture before sowing.
  • Spray 4 liter Anachlor 50 E.C. dissolved in 1000 liter water immediately after sowing for chemical control of weeds.
Ground Nut
  • Complete sowing of ground nut in the first week of the month.
  • Weed after 3 weeks of sowing, put 100 kg Gypsum per hectare and hoe.
Sugar Cane
  • Complete earth up sugar cane crop in this month.
Sun flower
  • Sow Kharif Sun flower in the first fortnight of the month.
Crops of Green Fodder
  • Sow Lobia, Milo, and multi cut Chari, Maize, Millet (Bajra) and Cluster bean (Guar) for green fodder.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • It is right time for sowing brinjal, chili and early cauliflowers.
  • For winter crop of tomato, seed is sown in nursery.350-400 gm. for free pollen grains based and 200-250 gm. Seed for hybrid variety will be required.
  • For Kharif onion, sow seeds in nursery by 10th July.12-15 kg seed per hectare will be required for planting.
  • Top dress with Nitrogen at the rate of 15-20 kg per hectare approximately after 25-30 days of sowing for growth of vegetables of pumpkin class.
  • Complete sowing of ladyfinger and arbi of rainy season.


  • It is time for preparation of new gardens of Mango, Guava, Litchi, Amla, Kathal, Lemon, Jamun, Plum, Banana and Papaya.
  • Spray 0.3% (3 gm. Medicine dissolved in one liter water) Copper ox chloride 50% w.p.for control of red rust and shoot mould in Mango and Litchi.
  • Tie gooty in litchi.
  • Spray 1-5 ml Monochrotophos 36 E.C. dissolved in one liter water to control milibug in plum.
  • Spray 0.04% Monochrotophos solution to control amis disease in amla.

Flowers and other Fragrant Plants

  • In case of no rain, irrigate, hoe and weed as required in the garden of Rajnigandha and spray mixture of nutritive elements at an interval of 15 days.
  • Pluck the spikes of Rajnigandha on time.


  • Give dewormers to the hens.
  • Make proper arrangement of light in the poultry farm.
  • Clean the farm and utensils from dust.
  • Select suitable species for meat and eggs.

Animal husbandry / Dairy Development

  • Vaccination of Foot and Mouth disease and Black Quarter (B.Q.).
  • Give dewormers to the animals.
  • Make proper arrangement to protect animals from rain. Keep the floor and bed dry.