Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Management of Natural Resources

Department of Agriculture is working for soil conservation, development and its uses in the state for last five decades which resulted in increase in productivity and growth in farm area beside sufficient growth in crop-intensity. To make the natural resources useful and permanent, management and maintenance of natural resources should essentially be based on public participation. Department of Agriculture is making continuous efforts in this direction.

At present, 120.44 lac hectare out of 241.70 lac hectare area is affected by different factors of soil-erosion. Soil-erosion in 73.53 lac hectare out of 120.44 lac hectre is due to water resulting in low productivity in this area and it is decreasing continuously. In the same way,46.91 lac hectare is affected by sodicity, waste land, barren and Water logging and problem of flood. In selected watershed area, development of water resources is superficial and ground water is very low. With this, rain water flows in river as run off. Due to insufficient use of this rain water, scarcity of moisture and water availability is felt.

Implementation of different schemes has resulted in expected achievements and besides useful crop rotation, crop production and productivity has increased in treated watershed area and has shown increase in ground water level.

Schemes Implemented by Department

S.No.  Name of the Scheme Source of Finance
1 Field Pond Scheme Government Of India(RKVY) 
2 Bhoomi Sena Yojna  State Sector and MNREGA 
3 IRDF(Watershed Development)Project  NABARD 
4 Water storage and Distribution of Sprinkler in Bundelkhand Area Government Of India (Bundelkhand Package)