Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production

  • Irrigate second time after 40-45 days of sowing as per time of sowing and third time after 60-65 days of sowing. Fourth irrigation after 80-85 days of sowing at the time of stark.
  • Use fodder made of Zinc Phosphide or tablets of Aluminium Phosphide to protect wheat crop from rodents - rat. Group effort is more beneficial to control rodents.
  • Remove and burn the stark affected by Smut (Kandua).
  • When the pod formation starts, spray 1 kg.Bacillus Uringeansis (B.T.) or 1.0 liter Fenvelret 20% EC or 2.0 liter Quinolphos 25% EC dissolved in 500-600 liter water per hectare to protect crop from fruit borer.
  • Spray twice 2.0 kg soluble Sulphur per hectare or 500 gm Carbandasim or 500 ml. Tridomormph at an interval of 12-14 days to prevent powdery mildew in peas.
  • Use 1.00 liter Methyl-O-Dematon 25 EC per hectare or 1.5 liter Malathione 50 EC to control Mahu insect.
  • Third irrigation after 75-80 and fourth irrigation after 105-110 days after sowing in Rabi.
  • Sowing of spring maize can be of the whole month.
Sugar Cane
  • Sugar cane in spring season can be planted in late harvested paddy field or field vacant from Toria/Peas/ Potato.
  • Main variety of medium and late ripening of sugarcane is Cosa.767, Cosa.802, Cosa.7918 and Cosa.8118.early ripening variety of sugarcane are Co. Pant 211, Cosa.687 and Cosa.8436. , B.O.54 and B.O.91 are good variety for the area where problems of water drainage exist.
  • Between two rows of sugarcane, two rows of Split Black Gram (Urd) or Split Green Gram (Moog) or one row of Lady Finger or Lobia can be sown.
Green Fodder
  • Sowing of Maize, Chari and Lobia can be done in second half of summer season.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • Spray 1kg per hectare 75%W.P.Mancojeb dissolved in 500 liter water to prevent Potato and Tomato from Jhulsa.
  • Irrigate after 30 days of planting and top dress with 1/3 rd of total quantity of Nitrogen (72 kg urea) in Onion.
  • Spray 0.2% Mancojeb, 75 %W.P. to protect onion from purple blach or 0.6 ml Phosphamidon 40% solution dissolved in one liter water if the crop is infected by Thrips insect.
  • If second top dressing of nitrogen is not done, use 75 kg urea after 60 days of sowing and irrigate. Spray 2 gm. Mancojeb and 0.6 ml Phosphamidon dissolved in water to protect from disease and insects.
  • Pusa two crops and Pusa Faguni are suitable variety for sowing at this time.
  • Soak seeds of Ladyfinger 24 hours before sowing.


  • Spray in first fortnight of the month, 80% soluble sulphur w.p. (2gm dissolved in one liter water) to protect mango from powdery mildew. Spray 1 ml. Car thane or Calexin dissolved in water in second fortnight.
  • Spray 1.5 ml. Monochrotophos or 1.0 ml. Emidicloprid dissolved in 3 liter water to control Bhunga insect.


  • It is time for plantation of popular tree. Plant it at a distance of 5X4 meter.
  • Crop can be cultivated in both Kharif and Rabi season up to 3-4 year. Afterwards, only cultivation of Rabi crop should be done.

Flowers and other Scented Plants

  • Separate the suckers of Guldaudi (Chrysanthemum) and plant in pot (Gamla).
  • Sow seeds of summer flowers-Xenia, Sunflower, Portulaca and Kochia in nursery.
  • Irrigate Mentha at an interval of 10-12 days and weeding after 30 days.

Animal Husbandry/ Dairying

  • Give grains and mineral mixture in desired quantity.
  • Feed Barseem with straw.
  • Save animal from cold and give clean water for drinking.


  • Proper arrangement of light and heat in Poultry Shed.
  • Feed grains for additional energy to the hens.