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Restructuring Project

Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project Phase-II


Water is very important in our agriculture dominant country. Water is the base of plant and human life. We the human beings, animals and plant get life from water. Though there is 75% water on the earth, drinking water is only 1%. Hence water is very important. India is said to be country of rivers. In earlier days , water of river Ganga even in closed bottles had not deteriorated, but due to water pollution today at many places, the water of river Ganga and Yamuna is so dirty that we do not want to touch it. We have to clean this water and save it from pollution in future. Whether it is village or town.

Government is continuously trying to remove the problem of scarcity of water. Whether it is village or town, we have to use water very intelligently so that everyone can get water for drinking and our coming generation can also get sufficient drinking water. There should be no dispute between two state for water. We have to save rain water by new ways. Due to unlimited extraction of water, non conversation of rain water and its misuse, level of ground water is continuously going down. So at present, water management is very essential.

Uttar Pradesh has sufficient water resources but demand of water is increasing due to continuously increasing population and modern life-style. Water is being used in a very unsystematic way. So today, the awareness in the farmer and other peoples about the systematic use of water resources is essential. In this situation, the farmers can adopt diversified agriculture programs through irrigation schools, earn more by increase in production and contribute in the development of the state.

Excess and scarcity of water, both are disastrous for agriculture. It has been proved from the experiments that productivity of canal irrigated area is less that tube well irrigated area because due to easy availability of canal water, the field is over filled than the demand of the crop. Often at the time of critical demand, there will be no water in the canal. To increase the income of farmer by best and minimum use of water, there is thought of operation of farmer irrigation school on the lines of farmers field school. Thus, this project is based on best use of canal water

Keeping in mind, the demand scenario in 2050, increase in grain production and productivity by 2.5 times is essential. To achieve this target, balanced and integrated use of water is very essential. The state has large number of rivers. For equitable and balanced distribution of water, there is network of canal. Even them , 50% of the rain water, which is the only source of fresh water, flows into the sea. If we sea, due to improper tying of bund, approximately 16000 tonnes of fertile soil flows with rain water. It is noteworthy that formation of one inch fertile land takes 400-600 years.

S. No. Resources Unit Number
1 Total Length of Canal System Km 73997
2 Total Length of Drain Km 49010
3 Major Pump Canals No. 28
4 Minor Lift Canals No. 246
5 State Tubewell No. 30133
6 Major Reserves No. 71
7 Major Barrage No. 25
8 Total area of agriculture in the state Lakh hec. 188-40
9 Irrational Potential Creative Lakh Hec. 126-51
10 Irrigation Potential Eutilized Lakh hec. 65