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Soil Health Strengthening

Scheme for extension of soil testing program by 182 Tehsil level soil testing laboratory (year 2017-18)

Program for implementation of tehsil level soil testing laboratory is being implemented with the objective to soil testing of land holdings of farmers in distant rural area of the state. By implementation of this program, soil samples of land of distant farmers are analyzed at the earliest and knowledge about balanced quantity of fertilizers is provided to the farmers so that soil health can be maintained and soil fertility and productivity can be improved. To achieve this objective, scheme for extension of soil testing laboratory was sanctioned in 2007-08 in 182 tehsil under soil improvement program which is implemented since 2010-11.Tehsil level soil testing laboratories need to be implemented in 2017-18 also. Under soil health program, implemented under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture in the financial year 2017-18, scheme for regular extension of testing of soil samples allocated /collected from tehsil level soil testing laboratory wise grid based selected area will be implemented.

Objective of Soil Testing Program
Main objective of soil testing extension program by tehsil level soil testing laboratory are as follows

  1. Provide recommendations for balanced use of the quantity of chemical fertilizers and biological manures based on soil testing results according to the crop sown by them at once in the form of soil health card.
  2. Under soil health card program implemented under NMSA, main nutritive elements are analyzed in the grid based soil sample collected at tehsil level soil testing laboratory.
  3. Maintain soil health by use of balanced fertilizers and growth in soil fertility and productivity.
  4. To know about the intensity of the problem by testing problematic land-User/Sodic land and determination of essential quantity of soil improving elements like Gypsum/lime according to the intensity of the problems.

1.1 Arrangement of Manpower for implementation of 182 Tehsil level soil testing laboratory.

As per sanction given vide G.O. No.1725/12-2-2010-147/2007 dt.07.05.2010 issued in the financial year 2010-11,for running 182 tehsil level soil testing laboratory in 2017-18 also, services of laboratory staff having essential qualification through service provider by payment of wages at determined rate is to be received. In accordance to above, based on payment of determined wages, and abiding suitable laws, for every tehsil level laboratory, arrangement of minimum 1 soil analyst,2 technical assistant and 1 lab attendant is proposed services through service provider in tehsil level laboratory. Departmental staff of class-II and class-III is attached with tehsil level laboratory for supervision work. Details of fund requirement in the financial year 2017-18 for payment of service charges and service tax of services of total 728 staff by service provider/providers is given below

Proposed expenditure for arrangement of tehsil level lab staff in the financial year 2017-18

S. No. Designation No. of Staff per lab Monthly wages (Rs. In lac) Expenditure per lab. per year (Rs. in Lac) Total proposed no. of employee for 182 tehsil level lab Proposed Expenditure(Rs. in lac)
1 Soil Analyst 1 0.12 1.44 182 262.08
2 Technical Assistant 2 0.096 2.304 364 419.328
3 Lab Attendant 1 0.06 0.72 182 131.04
Total 4 0.276 4.464 728 812.448
4 Head of ccount-16-Proposed payment of wages of laboratory staff from payment of commercial and special services 812.448
5 Payment of service fee to service provider(10% 0f the proposed amount of wage Rs.812.448/)from Head of account 16-payment of commercial and special service 81.244
6 Total(4+5) 893.69
7 Payment of service tax to service provider(15% 0f the proposed expenditure Rs.893.69.448/ 0n serial number 6)from Head of account 16-payment of commercial and special service 134.053
8 According to G.O.No.991/12-2-2014-147/2007 dt.28.03.201, payment of EPF and ESI will be paid based on prevailing rates to the service provider. At present, prevailing rate is EPF(13.36% employee share)and ESI(4.75% employer share).Thus total expected amount for payment of EPF on payment of wages of staff is 13.36% up to Rs.15000/(Rs.108.54 lac) and ESI is 4.75% up to Rs.15000/(Rs.38.59 lac).Total expected expenditure is Rs.147.13 lac. 147.13
Total(Rs.812.448=Rs.81.244+Rs.134.053+Rs.147.13) 1174.875