Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

The Real Compost Recognise


Kisan Brothers-Take some granules of DAP on the hand, mix it with lime and rub. If a sharp foul odor comes out which is difficult to smell, the DAP is real. There is one more easy way to identify. If some granules of DAP is heated on low flame and the granules, it is real. The hard granules of DAP and black and brown in color and does not break easily with nails.


Kisan Brothers!The granulesof Urea is white in color. Size of granule is uniform and its hard granules fully dissolve in water.When the granules are heated,it starts melting and if the flame is high, nothing remains.This is the test of real urea.

Super Phosphate

Kisan Brothers! The test of true Super Phosphate is its hard granules and brown black color. It the granules are heated, it do not swell. Please note that the granules of DAP and other complex swell when heated. This way,adulteration can easily be identified. The granule of Super Phosphate can not be easily broken by nails. Please note that the possibility of adulteration of DAP and NPA fertilizer is always very high


Kisan Brothers! The real test of True Potash is its white hard texture which looks like mixture of salt and red chilli. The moist granules of Potash do not stick to each other. If the Potash is dissolved in water, its red part floats on the surface of water.

Zinc Sulphte

Kisan Brothers! The real test of True Potash is that its granules are are light, white or yellow in color and fine particles in size. Mainly Mgnesium Sulphate is mixed with Zinc Sulphate. As they appears physically similar, it is difficult to identify real and fake fertilizers. If the solution of Zinc Sulphate with DAP, thick precipitate is formed where as if in the solution of DAP, Magnesium Sulphate is mixed, it does not happen so. If the thin solution of caustic is mixed in Zinc Sulphate, white starchy residue is found. If thick caustic solution is mixed, it dissolved completely. If Magnesium Sulphate is used in place of Zinc Sulphate,the residue does not dissolve.