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National Agricultural Insurance

Question: What is national crop insurance scheme?


  • National crop insurance scheme is a scheme farmers are provided financial assistance in the form of insurance coverage if the crop is damaged due to natural calamities, insects and disease.
  • Question: What kind of risk causing damage to the crops is covered under the scheme?


  • Risk of damage to the crops due to following reasons is covered under the scheme:
  • SN Reasons for losses
    1 Natural fire and lightening.
    2 Cyclone, Frost, Storm, Typhoon etc.
    3 Flood, Water logging and Land slide.
    4 Drought, Dry period
    5 Insects/Diseases etc.
    In the event of risk caused by war, notorious act and other reasons which can be avoided, insurance coverage will not be provided.

    Question: Who can be included in insurance scheme?


  • All farmers, either they have taken loan from the bank or not, can be included in the scheme. In case of share cropper (bataidar), certificate of sharecropping (bataidari) is to be produced in the bank. Farmers taking loan from Cooperative Bank, Rural bank and Commercial Bank has been compulsorily included in the scheme where as farmers who have not taken loan can be included in the scheme, if they wish. Farmers, who have not taken loan, have to produce Kisan Bahi/Receipt of land revenue in the bank as evidence.
  • Question: Whether farmers are provided grant under the scheme? If yes, how much?


  • Yes, Farmers having land holding of 2 hectare or less (Small and marginal farmers) are provide 10% of the premium as grant in preset Kharif 2006.