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Uttar Pradesh

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NABARD Funded Integrated Rain Water Management(Water Shed Development)Project

Brief Description Of The Scheme.

NABARD funded watershed development project Water shed development project(IRDF) started in the year 1996 with the financial assistance of NABARD.IRDF-18 is sanctioned vide agriculture section-3 dt.22.02.2013 and IRDF-19 vide agriculture section-3 dt.17.02.2014.Under IRDF-23 ,plan of Rs.273.42 for 113444 hectare is submitted for sanction.


  • Improvement in uncultivable, wasteland, barren land and area of low productivity.
  • Conversion of single crop area into multi crop area.
  • Increase in crop productivity/production in project area.
  • Increase in ground surface and ground water level for conservation of rain water.
Selected District - All District Of The State.
S.No. Head Admissible facility/Grant Eligibility
1 High Linear Dam, Peripheral Dam, Leveling, Barrier Dam Bench Terracing, Water storage Dam, Check dam A-95% of the cost of soil work for SC/ST farmer.
B-90% of the cost of soil work for small and marginal farmer of general categories.
A. All scheduled caste farmers under the project.
B. All small and marginal farmers of the general caste under the project.
2 Plant distribution under Agro-forestry/Horticulture 100 grant
3 Crop Demonstration Rs.3000 per demonstration (for0.4 hectare)

Physical and Financial Progress Report upto the month --------- (Physical in hectare, Financial in Lac Rs)

S.No. Year Sanctioned Action Plan Allocated Amount Progress Percentage
Physical Financial Physical Financial Physical Financial
1 2017-18