Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

Disease Control

Insects/Disease Control by Different Ecological Resources

  • Qualitative improvement in production and distribution of bio-pesticides/bio-agents.
  • No grant on distribution of chemicals classified in Red categories farm protection chemicals and keep relatively low poisonous chemicals in the periphery of grant.
  • Spray chemicals used for rodents control and storage of grains is in red category but it has no substitute, hence grant is payable on this as earlier.
  • Promotion of seed processing schemes so that disease can be controlled on low expenditure.
  • Promotion of use of Integrated Pest Control Management system.

Facilities available to the farmers

Under this scheme, farmers of all class and categories of the district for seed processing and small and marginal farmers which includes scheduled caste/scheduled tribes and women farmers are benefitted for other works. Facility is provided to the farmers through block level farm protection unit as per details given below:

  • 75% grant on bio-pesticides /bio-agents subject to maximum Rs.500 per hectare.
  • 75% grant on chemicals used for seed processing subject to maximum Rs.150 per hectare.
  • 50% grant on farm protection chemicals subject to maximum Rs.500 per hectare.
  • 50% grant of farm protection implements.
    • (a). Maximum Rs.1500 on manual implements
    • (b). Maximum Rs.1500 on power driven implements
  • 50% grant Maximum Rs.100 per storage bins on storage bins of 5,3,2 quintal for grain protection.

Area of Operation –Whole State

Necessity of Grant
  • Payment of grant is necessary in case of epidemic or disease outbreak and insect menace.
  • For immediate control of disease, if the damage is above economic damage level (E.D.L).
  • To ensure participation of farmers and motivate them for successful implementation of !00% seed processing program of Government of India, grant is admissible on seed processing chemicals.
  • Newly developed farm protection chemicals which are effective for insects, disease and weeds control but costly. These chemicals will be recommended by a technical committee. To create awareness amongst the farmers about these newly developed chemicals and motivate them for use of these chemicals, Grant is admissible.
  • Under IPM, grant is admissible on farm protection chemicals as per requirement on the recommendation of District Plant Protection Officer.

Eligibility of Farmers for Grant.

Farmers of all class and categories of the district for seed processing and small and marginal farmers which includes scheduled caste/scheduled tribes and women farmers for other works are eligible for grant.

Arrangements for Distribution of Farm Protection Chemicals

Benefits of grant admissible on bio-pesticides/bio-agents, seed processing chemicals and plant protection chemicals under the scheme,60 % by Department of Agriculture,30% by U.P. Agro and 10% by Cooperative Department is payable to the farmers. Application letter of the farmers for the grant and Grant Distribution Register in which details of name and address , category of the farmers, amount of grant and farmer’s share is entered. The beneficiary signs on the register. Distribution of grant is verified by Regional Staff. The register is seen by concerned officer fortnightly and report is sent to the directorate fortnightly. Guide- lines issued by the Government is followed in distribution of grants.