Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Crop Production


  • Harvest remaining paddy crop.


  • Prepare immediately the field for wheat after harvesting paddy. See that soil is in mesh form.
  • Best time of sowing for wheat is 15-20 November. Complete the sowing of wheat during this period.
  • Sow certified and treated seed only.
  • If the seed is not treated, treat the seed with 2.5 kg. Thirum.
  • P.B.W.343, P.B.W.502, B.B.W.39, UP.2382, HUW.510 are good variety.
  • Use of ferti-seed drill is better for putting seed and fertilizer together.


  • In case of irrigated area in eastern Uttar Pradesh, complete the sowing by 15th November and in Western and Bundelkhand region, complete sowing between 15-30th November.
  • If the seed is not certified, treat it with Capton or Thirum.


  • Maintain the distance of 15 cm. between two plants by thinning after 15-20 days of sowing.
  • First irrigation after 5 weeks of sowing and spray 75 kg. Per hectare when the moisture comes out.


  • Hoe and weed out after 30-35 days of sowing.


  • Take out weeds within 20 days of sowing.
  • First irrigation after 40-45 days of sowing. Then take out weeds when the moisture comes out.

Split Green Gram

  • Time up to 15th November is good for sowing.
  • Shekhar-2, Sekhar-3, Pant Masoor-4, Pant Msoor-5 or Narendra Masoor is suitable variety.

Winter Maize

  • In case of certainty of irrigation, complete sowing of Rabi maize by the mid of this month.
  • First irrigation after approximately 25-30 days of sowing.
  • When the plant attains the height of knee or approximately 30-35 days of sowing, top dress with 87 kg. per hectare urea.

Winter Sugar Cane

  • Hoe and take out weed after 3-4 weeks.

Bar Seem

  • Irrigate 2-3 days times of sowing at an interval of one week and then irrigate after every 20-25 days, as required.
  • First cutting after 45 days of sowing.


  • Whole month of November is good for sowing of Milo.
  • Kent U.P.O.94, U.P.O.212, Fleming Gold are good variety of Milo.

Cultivation of Vegetables

  • Kufri Bahar, Kufri Bad shah, Kufri Ashoka,Kufri Satlaj,Kufri Anand and Kufri Sinduri of red skin and Kufri Lalima are main variety.
  • If the sowing of Potato is not completed in October, complete it at the earliest.
  • If the sowing of Potato is not completed in October, complete it at the earliest.
  • Sow seeds of onion for Rabi crop.


  • Destroy the weeds by ploughing the gardens of mango and other fruits.
  • Spray Malathion 5% near the stem and around the tree and fenvalret 0.4% dust at the rate of 250 gm. per tree and put Alkathin belt around the tree to control Milibug insect in mango.
  • Spray 1 gm. carbendagim per liter to control leaf spot and rot disease.

Flowers and other Fragrant Plants

  • Cut and plant the rose if plot for the next year stalk.
  • Irrigate Gladiolus one or two times in a week as per local conditions.

Animal Husbandry / Dairy Development

  • Give colostrums to newly born calf.
  • Wash the teats before milking and keep the utensils and surrounding clean.


  • Give lair feed and oyster(sip) powder.