Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

National Mission Technology

  • Sub Mission for Agriculture Extension(SAME)
  • Sub Mission for Seed and Planting Material(SMSP)
  • Sub Mission for Agriculture Mechanization (SMAM)
  • Sub Mission for Plant Protection(SMPP)

For administrative ease, all 4 sub missions are merged in National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology but all sub mission are united with each other on ground level. Extension and Technology are the formula which is present in each sub mission. According to the subject specialty, capacity building is inherent in all the 3 sub mission except Agriculture Extension. Agriculture Extension and Technology will move together, is the basis of beginning of “National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology.

Objective of Mission

Ensure reach of suitable technology and stock methods to farmers by re-organizing and agriculture extension. To achieve this objective, intensive physical reach, information dissemination through consultation methods, use of information and information technology, popularity of modern and suitable technology, strengthening of institutions to promote capacity building and farm mechanization, availability of quality seed, availability of farm protection resources etc. will be done through promoting organization of farmer interest group.

Sub Mission for Agriculture Extension (SAME)

This mission will be focused on creation of awareness and maximum use of appropriate technology in agriculture and allied sector. Earlier achievement will be made solid and strengthened by the increased reach of extension worker. Trained agri-preneurs in agri clinic and agri business scheme and inputs dealers having diploma in agriculture extension will also provide extension services to the farmers. Consultative and new methods of extension services viz. Pico-projectors, films of low cost, hand-held device, mobile based services, kisan call center etc. will be used and through different programs and effort in schemes of extension, convergence will be ensured by Agriculture Technology Management Authority (ATMA) at village level and organization of block technology team.

Sub Mission for Seed and Planting Material (SMSP)

Use of high quality seed is the most effective source of agriculture production and productivity. This sub mission covers the complete seed chain of supply from nucleus seed to certified seed to the farmers. All work related to development of seed area is included in it. Strengthening of Protection of Plant Variety and Farmer right Authority (PPV and FRA) also comes under this sub mission so that effective system for protection of variety of plants and farmer right and promotion of development of new variety of plant through breeder plants can be established.

Sub Mission for Agriculture Mechanization (SMAM)

There is strong relationship between availability of farm power and farm productivity. Hence this sub mission is focused on agriculture mechanization. In this sub mission, Organizational arrangements viz., custom hiring, mechanization of selected villages, grants on purchase of tools and equipments will full fill the necessity of especially small and marginal farmers.

Sub Mission for Plant Protection

This sub mission is kept in National Mission on Agriculture Extension and technology to increase agriculture production by making the crops insect/disease free through scientific and eco-friendly techniques of Integrated Pest management (IPM).This includes strengthening and modernization of pest management facility, quality control of agriculture protection chemicals, disease free plant facility and monitoring of pesticide residue in food products. Bio-security through sustainable plant health management and capacity building is also included in it.

Skill training of farmers and work of regional extension given in 4 sub missions will be converged with the similar programs implemented by Agriculture Technology Management Authority (ATMA).