Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

National Food Security Mission

Facility Available to the farmers under N.F.S.M Commercial Crop 2016-17

S.No. Program Unit Cotton Joot Sugarcane
1 Integrated Crop Management Rs./hact. 7000 . .
2 Country / E.L.S. a Demonstration Rs./hect. 8000 . .
3 Intermittent a Demonstration Rs. /Hect. 7000 . .
4 H.D.P.S Trials Rs./Hect. 9000 . .
5 Advance Line Performance (F.L.D.D.) Rs./hect. . 8000 .
6 Coarsely Farming with Sugarcane Rs./hect. . . 8000
7 State Level Training Rs./Training . 40000 40000

Financial details of outlay for the state approved action plan 2016-17 under National Food security Mission by Government of India.

S.No. Ingredient केन्द्रांश State Share Total Financial Outlay
(60%) (40%)
1 Rice 3408.48 2272.32 5680.8
2 Wheat 4385.4 2923.6 7309
3 Pulses 9244.8 6163.2 15408
4 Course cereals 1254 836 2090
Total 18292.8 12195.12 30487.8


  • To increase in production by continuous increase in farm area and productivity of Paddy, Wheat,Pulses and Cereals. In identified district.
  • Increase in productivity by maintaining soil fertility of the field if the farmers.
  • Improvement in economic standard of the farmers by maintaining trust in the farmers.


  • Special attention to the district of low productivity but high potential for increase in production of Paddy, Wheat, Pulses and Cereals.
  • Implementation of focused activities based on crop by taking support of all concerned person.
  • Preparation of plan and adoption of cluster approach for increase in crop production according to the geo-climatic area.
  • Attention on pulses production in vacant paddy fields. Inter-cropping of cereals with pulses and oilseeds with pulses.
  • Extension and promotion of improved techniques(Progressive seeds, Integrated nutrients managements, micro-nutrients and soil improvement, Integrated Pest Management, increase in use of farm inputs, use of improved farm implements and training of farmers and extension staff.
  • Effective monitoring of flow of fund so that fund can be available to the farmers.
  • Add targets and proposed activities in District Plan.
  • Regular monitoring and concurrent evaluation.