Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Pest / Diseases Control Scheme through different ecological resources


  • Quantity growth in production and distribution of bio-pesticides/ bio-agents.
  • No grant on distribution of pesticides categorized in red class chemical and brings less poisonous chemicals in the periphery of grant.
  • For rodent and grain storage, fumigant chemicals are of red class. No suitable alternative is available for these chemicals so the grant will be payable on it as earlier.
  • Promoting seed treatment program so that the diseases can be controlled on low expenditure.
  • Promote use of Integrated Pest Management System (IPM)

Facilities permissible to the farmers
Under the scheme farmers of all class and categories are benefited for seed treatment and small and marginal farmers which includes Scheduled Cast and tribe and Women farmers in other heads. The benefit of the scheme is passed on to the farmers through Black Level Plant Protection Unit as given below:

  • 75% maximum Rs. 500.00 per hectare grants on bio Pesticides/ bio-agents, Whichever is less.
  • 75% maximum Rs.150.00 per hectare grants on seed treatment chemicals for seed treatment, Whichever is less.
  • 50% maximum Rs. 500.00 per hectare grants on Farm Protection Chemicals, Whichever is less.
  • 50% grants on farm protection implements –
    • Maximum Rs. 1500.00 per hand driven implements, Whichever is less.
    • Maximum Rs. 3000.00 per power driven implements, Whichever is less.
  • 50% maximum Rs. 1500.00 grants on per storage bin of 5, 3, 2 quintals for safety of Food Grains, Whichever is less.

Area of Operation Whole State

Requirement of Grants

  • Grants will be provided in case of epidemic are outbreak of pest and diseases menace.