Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

Important Work

Approximately 15-20% of the crop is destroyed by insects, Diseases and weeds etc. every year in the State which includes loss of 33% by weeds, 26% by diseases, 20% by insects, 7% by insects of storage, 6% by rodents and 8% by other factors. To prevent this loss knowledge of new technology for insects, diseases and weeds control is mandatory to be given to the district so that joint efforts of all the important components related to Agriculture Development through qualitative improvement in Agriculture Production can be possible. With this objective, insects/diseases control through different ecological resources is included in the scheme. Main objective of the work performed and program implemented by Plant Protection Department is given below:

  • To make integrated pest management (IPM) popular and give timely information to farmers of technical methods related to farm protection.
  • Ensure sufficient arrangement of quality farm protection chemicals.
  • Advise use of farm protection chemical in case of higher incidence in view of safety and level of economic loss.
  • Promote use of bio-chemicals for Plant Protection.
  • Use of safe and eco-friendly chemicals.
  • Ensure effective action for insecticides quality control.
  • Create awareness among the farmers about prohibited insecticides chemicals.
  • Management of incidence of insects/diseases through surveillance.

Program implemented to achieve above objective

Seed Processing

As per guidelines issued by Government of India, seed processing campaign is being implemented to aware the farmers to control seed based diseases in main crop of Kharif and Rabi.

Integrated Pest Management

Remains of pesticides chemicals adversely affect the health and produces resistance in the insects due to which effect of pesticides becomes a problem and it disturb the environmental balanced. This problem can be solved by adoption of integrated pest management system.

Pest Surveillance

As per guidelines issued by the Government of India, Government of Uttar Pradesh has organized pest surveillance and advisory unit at State and district level. Meeting of the committee every month is organized under the chairmanship of Director, Agriculture, U.P. at State Level. In the meeting, data received from district level pest surveillance and advisory unit is examine, presented, monitoring of surveillance and ensure implementation on the recommendation received from district.

Arrangement of Farm Protection Chemicals

In the State 25% of the total targets of farm protection chemicals is being distributed through Department of Agriculture, 12.5% by Co-operative, 12.5% by U.P. Agro and remaining 50% by private traders. Targets for its distribution district wise and Institution wise is fixed every year.

Quality Control

Department of Agriculture is determined to ensure the availability of quality farm protection chemicals. Under insecticides at 1968 direction is given to draw samples of insecticides at the beginning of every financial year and register cases against manufacturers/ sellers of sub-standard samples in competent court.


Timely information of insects, diseases and weed control is given through press release in main New Paper and talks on Radio and Television so that the farmer can get the benefit of timely information of crop protection. The farmers or also benefited through technical knowledge provided by organizing training/ workshop as per requirement from time to time. Technical literature/ booklet/ calendar about insects/ diseases is being printed and distributed among the farmers.

Surveillance of Co-Crop and Diagnostic System (PCSRS)

Under the scheme, there are two mobile number 9452247111 and 9452257111 in surveillance cell established at Head Office Level on which problems about insects/ diseases is sent through SMS/ whatsapp by the farmers. Computer operator downloads problems sent by farmers through SMS/ whatsapp in the surveillance cell established at State level and forwards it to concerned District Plant Protection Officers on his log-in under the scheme in two days (48 Hr). Plant Protection Officer of the concerned districts solves the problems and ensures that it is sent to the farmers through SMS.

Seed Treatment/ Soil Treatment Special Campaign

Department of Agriculture is driving special campaign in minimum 50 hectare area in every revenue village for 100% seed treatment and soil treatment in 5 revenue village of every Development Block. To make the campaign success, one revenue village is allotted to Senior Technical Assistant group – B (Farm/ Farm Protection) and Technical Assistant group - C and farmers are trained by providing knowledge of importance of seed treatment and soil treatment in selected villages.