Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar

Agricultural Defense

Question: What are the objectives of farm protection?


  • Objective of farm protection is as follows:
  • SN Objective
    1 Lessen the losses in different crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, fodder, forest trees and medicinal plants caused by insects/disease and weeds and rodents and insects in storage through Integrated Pest management to the maximum possible extent and growth in production.
    2 To issue license for manufacturing and sale of quality chemicals.
    3 Conservation of bio-diversity.
    4 To impart knowledge of safe chemicals to the farmers.

    Question: What are the grants permissible in different schemes of Farm Protection Department?


  • Following grants are permissible under Insect/Disease Control Scheme of Department of Farm Protection:
  • SN Grant
    1 Grant payable on farm chemical is 50% of the cost or maximum Rs.500/hectare.
    2 Grant payable on seed treatment chemical is 75% of the cost or maximum Rs.150/hectare.
    3 Grant payable on bio-pesticides/bio-agents is 75% of the cost or maximum Rs.500/hectare.
    4 Grant payable on farm protection implement is 50% of the cost. Maximum grant payable on hand driven farm implement is Rs.1500/implements and power driven implement is Rs.3000/implement.
    5 Grant payable on storage bin is 50% of the cost or maximum Rs.1500/bin.

    Question: What is IPM and what is its objective?


  • Integrated Pest Management is a multiple program of pest and weeds control which limits the density of pests and weeds below level of economic loss and lessen the pollution level by chemicals to the best possible extent by optimum integration of natural resources such as cultivation activity, mechanical methods, biological phases and materials and chemical methods.
  • Objective: Objective of this program adopted practically on the field of the farmers is as follows:
  • Maintain the growth of pests and weeds below the limit of economic loss level by use of pesticide chemicals in group or as required in adverse conditions. Conserve the ecological balance by least use of pesticide chemicals.
  • Growth in hindered production.