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Krishi Prasar

Question: What is Agriculture Extension?


  • To make reach of knowledge of agriculture production technology/technique developed at Agriculture Research Centers and Agriculture University and other Research Centers and reaction of farmers back to the concerned institute is called Agriculture Extension.
  • Question: Why Agriculture Culture?


  • Agriculture Extension is essential for growth in production and productivity thereby increasing the income of the farmer by ensuring reach of the farmers to latest agriculture technique/ technology and specific and practical knowledge.
  • Question: How Agriculture Extension is done?


  • 5 stage efforts for agriculture extension:
    • To create awareness amongst the farmers about new technology/technique.
    • Improve knowledge of farmers about new technique.
    • Capacity building of farmers for adoption of new technique.
    • To bring changes in the vision of farmers in adoption of new technique.
    • To ensure adoption of new technique by the farmers.

    Question: What is the objective of Agriculture Extension?


  • To contribute in up liftment of living standard of farmers by increasing their income through increase in production and productivity by ensuring reach of the farmers to latest agriculture technology/technique, practical knowledge and efficiency.
  • Question: What are the schemes implemented for Agriculture Extension?


  • (A) national Mission on Agriculture is being implemented with the financial assistance of Government of India which includes 4 sub missions:
    • Sub Mission for Agriculture Extension(SMAE)
    • Sub Mission for seed and planting material.(SMSP)
    • Sub Mission for Farm Mechanization (SMAP).
    • Sub Mission for Plant Protection and Plant Disease(SMPP)

  • (B) Implementation of Agriculture Information System and Farmers Awareness program under Agriculture Extension, Farm Inputs and Technology Management Scheme for growth in farm production by State Government.