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Distribution of Gypsum

Scheme for distribution of Gypsum for soil improvement and removal of deficiency of micro-nutrients.

Brief Description of the scheme.

Gypsum is a mineral in which micro nutrients like Sulphur and Calcium is found in abundance. Its use improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil which results in increase in crop production, productivity and quality. Distribution of Gypsum scheme is implemented in all the district of the state. Farmers of all categories are eligible under the scheme. Small and marginal farmers are given priority in the scheme. U.P. Agro supplies the Gypsum to the centers approved by District Magistrate. These centers provide Gypsum on grant to the farmers.


  • To make alkaline/wasteland cultivable again.
  • To increase soil fertility and production.
  • To maintain pH value of the soil.
  • To increase quantity of Sulphur and Calcium in the soil.

Area of Operation Of the Scheme - All district of the state

Eligibility Criteria of Farmers for Gypsum Distribution

  • All categories of farmers are eligible to get benefit under the scheme but small and marginal farmers will be given priority. A farmer can get Gypsum only for use in maximum 2 hectares.
  • A farmer will get benefit once. He can be eligible to get subsidy only after three years of the first subsidy.

Implementation And Monitoring Of The Scheme

The implementation and monitoring of the scheme will be done by the District Deputy Agricultural Director.

Implementation and Monitoring of the Scheme

A. Under Central Scheme - 50% grant from Government of India and 25% from State Government (Total 75%)

B. Under State Sector-For farmers of general categories,75% grant is eligible.

Physical and Financial Progress Report upto the month ------------- (Physical in MT, Financial in Lac Rs)

S.No. Year Sanctioned Action Plan Allocated Amount Progress Percentage
Physical Financial Physical Financial Physical Financial
1 2017-18