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Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

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Examine of Seeds

What is the best quality seed?

100% genetically pure seed is the best seed.

Which seed can be used for sowing?

Certified seeds are suitable for sowing. Farmers can also get good production from foundation seed-1 and Foundation Seed.

How the seeds are treated and what are the benefits?

Certified seeds are treated seeds but if the seeds re treated, treat them with Therum and Carbandazim so that it can be free from diseases.

What is roginig in seed production?

Process of seed production in specific variety by up rooting the other variety of plants from the field is called Roging which ensure purity of seed/variety.

Whether seed is of different types?

Seeds are mainly of 4 types.1.Generic Seed, 2. Foundation Seed, 3. Certified Seed, 4.Verified Seed.

Where the quality of seed is tested?

There are 07 seed testing laboratory where quality of seed is tested. Varanasi, Azamgarh ,Barabanki, Hardoi, Mathura, Meerut and Jhansi

What are the things to be taken care of at the time purchase of seed?

Take the receipt at the time of purchase of seed and see the tagging on the seed bag.

Can the farmer produce the seed?

Yes, First of all get registered for seed production. Then after, adopt the technical process of seed production ensuring the variety of crop sown.

What is Hybrid seed?

Development of quality in seeds through researches for higher production is called Hybrid seed.

Whether hybrid seed can be used in next year?

Try that the hybrid seed is not stored at farmer’s level because the germination capacity is adversely affected by external factors which reduces the germination. So the farmers should use new hybrid seeds every year.

Whether hybrid seed of all crops are available?

Hybrid Seeds of Paddy, Milo, Millet, Maize and Mustard is available.

What are recommended variety?

After researches, varieties approved by government systems are recommended varieties.

Is the use of Verified Seed (TL) is beneficial or not?

Verified seed or TL is also produced in the same way as the certified seed and the bag of seed is tagged. Hence use of Verified seed or TL is beneficial.

Where the seed certification agency is established?

U.P. Seed Certification Agency is established at Kariyappa Marg in Alambagh in Lucknow.

If the germination of seed is low or seed is poor, who should be informed?

In case of poor seed, inform District Agriculture Officer/Deputy Director, Agriculture so that necessary action can be taken.