Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Trained Agriculture Entrepreneur Self- Sufficiency Scheme

To develop agriculture entrepreneurship unemployed youth having bachelor degree in agriculture or equipment is selected. By establishing agriculture junction in rural area, farm inputs, soil testing and training to farmer is provided at one palace. Under this scheme, banks provide Rs 3.50 lac as loan and Rs 60,000 is provided for interest subsidy and rent etc. The Department provides license the farm inputs and free of cost training. In 2015-16 and 2016-17 total 1328 agriculture junction has been established.

To reduce the impact of chemical insecticides, scheme for different ecological resources are implemented. Under the scheme, disease /pest control program is implemented by use of bio pesticides, bio agent and bio management techniques.

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana

To bring transparency in all the scheme / distribution of farm-inputs by the department, this scheme is being implemented by using latest techniques of information technology. Under the scheme, the subsidy is distributed to the farmers in the district online. This ambitious scheme is being implemented since 2014-15. According to the transparent selection process, under this scheme, the farmer’s registration is mandatory to get the benefit of departmental schemes. Benefit is provided in the scheme on the principle of “First come first serve” bases. The farmer can get registered on toll free number, Registration Centre, Office of the Department of Agriculture, or departmental web-site ””. Since 2015-16, this scheme is implemented in all the development blocks of the state. At development blocks level, the benefit is distributed to the farmers by taking photo and thumb impression of the farmers by hand held device. Message is sent to the farmers after the selection process. After then, the farmer reaches the distribution centre to get the benefits. The department also provides the receipt to the beneficiary farmer. The department also sends message to the farmers about what and how much benefit is provided to the farmer. List of the beneficiary is also available on the departmental web-site. In the beginning year, 2015-16 and 2016-17,122 lac farmer were registered in this scheme.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

Under the transparent farmer service scheme, the farmers registered on the on-line portal have to make full payment of farm inputs at identified sales centre by department of agriculture. The amount of subsidy on the purchased input is directly transferred in the bank account of the farmers. For seed distribution in Kharif season 2015-16,selection of the farmers were done by transparent selection process and amount of subsidy was transferred in their bank account through RTGS. Since 2016-17,in addition to seed, subsidy for farm equipments and micro-nutrient is also distributed through DBT. Since beginning of this scheme, more than 19 lac farmers have received subsidy through DBT.

Different schemes/programs are implemented under Soil Conversation Programs which are detailed below :

Bhumi Sena Yojna

In 10th/11th five Year Program, this scheme was found to be very useful in soil conversation and employment generation. In order to the priorities given to the programs by the present government, this scheme is being implemented as Flagship Program. In2016-17, 28983 hectare land was treated against the target of 42323 hectare land improvement. Keeping in view, the diminishing water resources and future problems, R.I.D.F program is being implemented under water conversation program funded by NABARD.26317 hectare land was treated against the target of 28750 hectare in the year 2016-17 under RIDF -16,18,19 scheme.

Field Pond Scheme in Bundelkhand Region for Water Conservation:

In Bundelkhand Region, agriculture is mostly based on rain. Due to no rain in the region, irrigation capacity is regularly deteriorating. In 7 district of Bundelkhand region, this scheme is being implemented in 2016-17 for arrangement of irrigation facility by storage and conservation of maximum rain water. The cost of one pond is Rs.1,05,000 out of which state government provides 50%subsidy.Remaining 50% is to be born by the farmer. The work of 2000 ponds has been completed against construction of 2000 ponds under this scheme. Program for Strengthening of soil health ot maintain the soil health in the state, removal of deficiency of micro-nutrient in the soil , distribution of Gypsum for land development and strengthening of laboratory for production of bio-fertilizers/promote use of it is also being implemented.

In the last years, production of food-grains has increased regularly. To keep pace, Gosthis are being organized at Nyay Panchayat, Block, and District and Division level to provide knowledge of latest techniques to the farmers in time and timely arrangement of farm facilities. Scientists of agriculture universities/other institutions and state level officers of other departments participate in the program and make it useful for the farmers.

A monthly magazine named Agriculture and Animal Husbandry is published to provide solutions of the problems and extension of latest systems and techniques of agriculture and allied sectors and is provided to farmers the cost of Rs.24 only.

To improve the technical knowledge of the farmers and provide the solution of the problems, a monthly bulletin “Krishi Chintan” is also published. This bulletin is provided free of cost to all village panchyat, departmental staff, progressive farmers, and peoples representatives.

Booklets and Pumphlets containing details of facilities provided to the farmers of the state by agriculture department is published and distributed free of cost amongst the farmers.The booklet also contains mobile numbers of the departmental officers so that the farmer can directly contact the concerned officers to get any information.

Web-site of Department of Agriculture is hosted in the name ””. Financial progress of the information and Citizen Charter under Right to Information, departmental circulars, other information and departmental questions-answers is also available so that the farmers can visit the web-site and get information about the programs implemented by Department of Agriculture and take the benefits of question answers related to agriculture activities.