Agriculture Department,

Uttar Pradesh

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojna,

Kisan ka Adhikar Kisan ke Dwaar


Continuous research in the field of agriculture shows continuous deterioration in soil health in the state. For permanent solution of this problem, arrangement has been made to provide recommendation of balanced use of fertilizer after soil testing from the farmer’s field in district / Tehsil level soil testing Laboratory from the year 2016-17.Soil testing is done under Soil Health Card Scheme of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture scheme. In the year 2016-17, on basis of grid from the selected region 34.72 lac sample were collected against the annual largest of 33.15 lac and 65.90 Soil Health Cards was provided to the farmer after analysis.

Rastiya Krishi Vikas Yojna

PKVY is one of the main flagship Schemes of Government of India. The main objective of this scheme is to double the income of the farmers by reducing the gap between production capacity and actual production of important crops by preparing the schemes of agriculture development at district/ state level on the basis of resources available in agriculture and allied sector. Under this scheme, Green Revolution in Eastern U.P.,ICDP(Paddy and Husk), Field Pond Scheme in Bundelkhand region, Crop Diversification in the district of Western UP, Accelerated Fodder Development Program, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation,Fisheries,Horticulture, Sugarcane DASP,Sericulture,Agriculture Research related important programs are implemented.

Green Revolution in Eastern UP

This sub-scheme of RKVY is being implemented from the year 2010-11.The main objective of this scheme is to increase the productivity of paddy and wheat, improve soil health, creation of irrigation facility and better use of water, farm mechanization, use of Gypsum in saline land, community warehousing and to promote use of progressive farming system for reduction in cost of farming.

National Food Security Mission

The main objective of this mission is to ensure growth in production of food grains by sustained growth in productivity and increase in crop area, soil fertility and farm productivity and better atmosphere of agriculture farm. Under the scheme, 23 districts for paddy, 31 for wheat, 75 for pulses and 20 districts for cereals is included. In the year 2015-16, commercial crops like jute in 5 districts, cotton in 4 districts and sugar cane in 24 districts were also included. Under the scheme, 50% grant is available on seed production, micro nutrient, farm protecting chemical, weedicides, farm equipments, pump sets, sprinkler, irrigation pipe etc.

National Mission on Oilseeds and Oilpalm

This scheme is being implemented since 2014-15 by reorganizing easier scheme ISOPAM. The main objective of this scheme is to increase productivity of pulses and continuous effort to make the state self sufficient in foods grains. This scheme is implemented in all the district of the state. 50% grant is admissible on different farm inputs under the schemes.

National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology

For agriculture extension, ATMA Model was implemented till 2013-14. From 2014-15 ATMA was merged in Nation Mission on Agriculture and Technology. Under the new mission,4 Sub Mission viz , sub- mission on agriculture extension, sub-mission of farm mechanization , Sub-Mission on Seed and Planting Material and Strengthening and Modernization of post management approach are being implemented.

National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

The main component of NMSA implemented is given below

  1. Rain Fed Area Development(RAD)
  2. Soil Heath Mission (SHM)
    1. Soil Health
    2. Soil Heath card
    3. Traditional Agriculture Development Scheme(PKVY)
National Crop Insurance Scheme

According to Guidelines issued by Government of India, National crop insurance program and season used employee insurance program was integrated in the year 2014-15 and is being implemented as National crop Insurance Program. Two scheme of national crop Insurance program are

implemented National Crop Insurance Scheme / Pradhan Mantri Insurance Scheme

In case of notified crop not sown in notified area due to natural calamities, Disease, insect menace or if the standing crop is damaged, financial assistance is provided to the farmers as insurance cover. For all such risk, Gram Panchayat is notified as unit of Insurance. In case of damage caused by hail, landslide, damage is estimated on personal basis. At end of the season damage is estimated on insurance unit level on the basis of production from determined number of crop cultivation/ Harvesting experiment under this scheme. In case of non sowing /failure in sowing cost of expenditure up to the disaster in gram Panchayat, insurance claim is admissible maximum 25% of the insurance amount. In case crop production less than 50% in village Panchayat in notified area due to adverse seasonal condition, after cultivation of crop and mid- phase if the crop is completely damaged in notified area, partial re-imbursement is made immediately which is adjusted in total amount of estimated damage on basis of crop harvesting experiment at the end of season. From kharif season of 2016-17, this scheme is implemented after merging in Pradhan Mantri crop insurance scheme.

Season Based Crop Insurance Scheme:

On basis of probability of notified crop damage, the farmers are provided insurance cover in notified Area for the losses due to low are high rain in kharif and low/High temperature in Rabi Season or unexpected rain fall. Insured amount is equal to cost of crop production. The scheme is implemented on actual premium rate. + If actual premium is 2% higher than the amount insured, grant is admissible to all farmers on fixed rate. The damage is estimated by the insurance company on the basis of daily data of season received from automatic meteorological centre for each insurance unit (meteorological centre established at block level) according to the standard laid down in proposed term-sheet. There is a provision of two meteorological centers in each block. Financial responsibility of the state and centre is equal in this scheme which is limited to grant on premium only. Area of operation of insurance companies as implementing agency district wise is determined separately.

Establishment of Solar Photo Voltaic Irrigation Pump:

This scheme is being implemented with objective to promote maximum use of sources of alternate energy, reduce dependency on traditional sources of energy and environment adaptability. 80% grant is payable on 2 & 3 HP pump and 55% grant on pump of 5 HP to small and marginal farmers. 5% of the total target fixed for 5 HP pump to big farmer also, grant is admissible .In 2016-17 5458 pump have been established against the larger of low solar pump.